Responsibility is our number one value. We are keen on taking care of our beautiful world by making sustainable choices! Hostel Domus Academica takes environmental issues into consideration in all operations.

Responsibility is our starting point for developing operations in tourism services. More people consider responsibility an important factor when selecting accommodation. Travellers are able to influence many factors through own actions. Our team wishes to instruct guests on how to make responsible choices.

We make it easier to be responsible while staying with us. We sorte waste into 8 materials and reclycle batteries and electronics. In addition, we donate used clothes and re-use furniture.

Hang on, that’s not all! All substances our housekeeping department uses for cleaning, are always sertified and eco-friendly. Additionally, our breakfast restaurant uses Fair Traid and organic foods.

We have reduced printing and now we store all documents online. Further, our working clothes are sustainably made and our office is a part of the WWF Green Office system!

Hostel Domus Academica works actively together with the Finnish Nature League, Hostelling International and Nordic Offset.  Our aim is to develop as a local actor in an international operating environment.

Our team gladly guides guests on how to make sustainable choices. In case of any questions or tips, we are eager to help!

Please find more information about our work below: